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The Digital Physical World in 2020


By Dr. Mahesh Saptharishi Communication, in its many forms, has tremendous power. Take language as an example.  The complexity and power of human language is something to behold. It connects individuals and societies, enabling the transfer of knowledge, exchange of ideas and growth of communal intelligence. When you combine language…

Project Manager and Business Analyst In Tandem for Success


Written by  Sergey Korban I’ve been working in project management and business analysis domains for many years. The projects I’ve been engaged in cover regulatory compliance, business process improvements, software development, ERP implementation and ITIL adherence, just to name a few. Heated discussions about relationships between a project manager (PM)…

Performance Management


By William Seidman Performance management is a system in which manager’s work with their employees to set goals for the year. The manager will write up an appraisal and employees are rated and ranked numerically. Organizations claim the PM system is a way of improving performance and giving feedback. However,…