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Chips and Tablets Don’t Digest


By Samuel Greengard One of the problems with automation is that it sometimes delivers short-term gains while undermining long-term results and loyalty. Most interactive voice response systems (IVRSs), for example, save companies boatloads of money but annoy consumers. Nobody wants to punch a mishmash of buttons, get caught in an…

Business Gets Robotic


By Samuel Greengard Business and IT leaders must begin to grapple with the technical and IT aspects of robotics technology, along with the human implications and ramifications. Once a novelty, robots are everywhere these days. They’re being put to work in surgery, manufacturing, aerospace, engineering and construction, transportation and logistics,…

7 Tips to Manage Your Email


By Bruce McGraw If you are reading this post, then like me, you would love to have a good guide on how to effectively use email. Unfortunately I am not aware of a single guide for this! However, I thought I would share some best practices on how to use…