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What Happens to Society When Robots Replace Workers?


by: William H. Davidow & Michael S. Malone The technologies of the past, by replacing human muscle, increased the value of human effort – and in the process drove rapid economic progress. Those of the future, by substituting for man’s senses and brain, will accelerate that process – but at the risk of creating millions…

Will Public Clouds Drive Insourcing?


by: Stanton Jones Interest in cloud solutions continues to grow rapidly as enterprises explore new strategies to cut costs, reduce deployment time, and integrate new capabilities and innovations that traditional on-premises platforms struggle to accommodate. When assessing cloud options, buyers often fail to adequately consider their existing deployment model and…

Cyber-warfare: Turning worm


How cyber-warfare really started—and where it will lead Countdown to Zero Day: Stuxnet and the Launch of the World’s First Digital Weapon. By Kim Zetter. WHEN America dropped its two atom bombs, Little Boy and Fat Man, over Japan in August 1945, it launched the world into a devastating new…