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July Newsletter – Dream, Believe, Achieve

July Motto

Dream, believe, achieve, need we say more. Go out there and make your dreams come true. Read Here are a couple of things you might have missed out on in June: The Universal Truth – Overcoming Situations and Becoming a More Successful You The Project Management Cup Is Not Always…

58 Complete Role & Responsibility Descriptions


Why do you need Clear Roles and Responsibilities? What does not having clearly defined roles and responsibilities cause? Confusion Rework Conflict Having clear and agreed roles will give clarity and comfort for the team and stakeholders and removes risk from your project. As a project professional, I know as well…

Don’t Skip the Analysis When Moving to Shorter Iterations


by: Angela Wick In most organizations, the days of multi-year, single release, all-or-nothing waterfall projects have come to an end. Instead, teams (agile, waterfall and everything in between) are trending toward smaller, shorter iterations. They hope smaller iterations will reduce cost, shrink time-to-market and improve quality. Though speed may seem to…