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Why And How To Use PM Methodology

Why And How To Use PM Methodology”

Want to learn how to use different project management methodologies? Watch the following video presented by our expert from… and learn four of the most commonly used ones. Check it out: Source:

Using Project Management to Reduce Risk


As CFO, you’re charged with ensuring that your organization is positioned to deal effectively with all kinds of risks — operational, financial, reputational, and strategic. Assessing your organization’s risk profile through the prism of its portfolio of projects and programs can be a good place to start. Projects are how…

How to Get Promoted Quickly – Without Destroying Your Work-life Balance


Millennials tend to care more about work-life balance than Generation X does, but it’s not because millennials are short on ambition; they just have a different kind of ambition. Resarch from Bentley University tells us that millennials actually want successful, high-paying careers. In fact, three-quarters of them want to strut their stuff…

Leadership and Compassion


Compassion is a fundamental pillar for highly effective leadership, however, it may not always enjoy the level of importance it deserves! Let’s explore some basics and the related implications… What is compassion in practical terms? I found an appealing explanation of the term compassion at the “Greater Good” website and…

6 Project Management Methodologies

Project Management Methodologies″

In this video, Ash delivers six project management methodologies and when you should use them in five minutes. Don’t forget to check out their Blog on project management to learn more: Source: