1 in 5 customer complain to companies through social media

Posted by Torben Rick

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Social media has forced openness and transparency in businesses that was not possible before.

The power has shifted to the customer who can, if dissatisfied with the business, impact the business and brand very publically.

According to new research by Sage 22% of UK consumers would  complain to a company using social media when they receive a disappointing customer experience. However, only 40% had received an acknowledgement as a result. Maybe that’s because many businesses simply aren’t listening.

Another survey by Sage reveals that only 6% of business owners monitor social media to gain a better understanding of their customers and although 43% believed that the economic conditions made it more important to go further for customers, only 1% engaged with them through social media by responding to comments and criticism.

What exasperates the situation is of course that even though businesses aren’t listening to their customers, other people are:

  • 80% have changed their minds about buying something after they read a negative review
  • 87% have been swayed by positive comments to confirm their decision to buy

Any business that is not engaging with its customers in the format that works for them, is in danger of not spotting problems or opportunities.

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