3 Tips for Successful Self-Service IT


How do you do self-service IT right? Tech managers and analysts say the goal is to empower users without overwhelming them — and without putting corporate data at risk. Here are their specific tips:

1. Retain tight control over corporate data. User access to that data is important, but a user’s need for data should never take precedence over security, privacy or regulatory compliance concerns.

2. Know the people you’re designing for. Users with different roles and technical skills may need different types of tools.

3. Rather than asking business users what data they think they need, ask them what decisions they need to make or what tasks they need to accomplish.

4. Consider bringing in a business analyst during the project’s planning stages to facilitate communication between business users and IT.

5. Test with a small group of users to quickly identify and address trouble spots.

Change management is crucial to a successful rollout of self-service tools. Line-of-business leaders — not IT — should explain to users how the tools will benefit them.

– Tracy Mayor

Article source: http://feeds.cio.com/~r/cio/feed/articles/~3/Ar1juGP0yy0/3_Tips_for_Successful_Self_Service_IT


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