5 Tips to Increase Your Leadership Confidence

By Lindel James

p_073How would you rate your leadership confidence? 1) I wish I had some, 2) I am okay, but would like to be more confident 3) I am in control!

I know a number of people who are quite capable, yet the have been unable to achieve all that is meant for them because they lack the very necessary attribute of confidence. Here are 5 tips that can elevate your confidence and turn you into the CONFIDENT LEADER you are meant to be.

  1. Increase your competence. You can do this by reading and learning everything you can get your hands on that is relevant to your industry or specialty. Years ago when reading a Jack Canfield book, I learned that if I read just one hour a day about something related to my specific are of interest, I would very soon become an expert in this area. I cannot tell you how important this advice was for me. Reading increases one’s knowledge, knowledge increases one’s competence; and competence increases one’s confidence!
  2. Teach what you learn. Find someone who is interested or needs to know what you have just learned. It is a fact that when you teach what you have learned with 24-48 hours you retain significantly more of what you have read over the long-term. Find a way or make a way to teach what you learn as soon as possible. You won’t believe the difference it will make to you and how it will increase your confidence level.
  3. Find opportunities to speak in public. Maybe you aren’t quite ready for the big stage, but you do have opportunities to sit on boards or committees. Take these opportunities whenever you can, but don’t just sit there. Speak up when you have something relevant to offer. Start by asking questions, and then move into offering solutions. You will soon become a most valuable member of the group; you will gain respect from other members and increase your leadership confidence!
  4. Join Toastmasters. I am always telling my clients to join Toastmasters International. This membership will not only help you become a good public speaker, it will train you to have confidence to speak about just about any topic quick and effectively. The Toastmaster exercises will help you become “quick on your feet!” You will also build up your confidence in a way that you cannot yet imagine. Just do it!
  5. Be willing to step out of your comfort zone. Understand that everyone has a comfort zone. The only difference between you and a highly recognized leader – someone you want to emulate – is the broadness of the comfort zone. Confident Leaders are forever growing and expanding their skills and knowledge.

Become the person who is always on the “grow.” Read daily, Teach what you learn quickly, Speak in public and step out of your comfort zone. Increase your competence, improve your confidence and elevate the impact you have on others.

I work with business executives, leaders and emerging leaders. Most of my clients are looking for ways to improve both productivity and their bottom line. I help businesses increase profits by improving employee morale quickly, easily and effectively. My strategies have a significant impact on redirecting the focus of organizations toward positive outcomes rather than negative expectations.

About the Author

Lindel James specializes in helping executives, business owners, and entrepreneurs assess and enhance both their leadership and marketing skills and competencies to improve employee morale and company profits.

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