7 New Ways to Manage Your Business Team That You Should Use

7 New Ways to Manage Your Business Team That_You Should Use pic

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The fast and ever-changing technological landscape has greatly affected every aspect of human life. Take a look within your area and you can see how you are connected with other people and more importantly, to the rest of the world. Technology has also improved every human process that there is: from the way we communicate with everyone, how we buy things, and how we do work. Even businesses are greatly impacted with the latest technological advancements, resulting in improved project management that stems from greater outputs and more engaged clients. But there’s another question that lingers in the minds of project managers and business owners: How do we incorporate new ways of managing our teams in this fast-paced digital age?

There is no need to worry as new ways can easily be plugged in you team’s system. Managing your business team should not be a burden if you constantly use project management tools that can enhance and improve the quality of the team’s work. Yes, you can easily search for information with a single click in the internet but no need for that because now we’ll share with you 7 new ways of managing your team that you should know (and use).

1. Check if the right tools are in the right place

There are different ways to craft your business team, and part of it is ensuring that you have the right tools in the right place for your specific project. In order to enhance your team’s performance, decide first how you are going to use your project management tools, who among your team will use it, and how will it answer the specific need of the project at hand. You can also use web-based project management tools to organize plans, keep track of the current work load and check if outputs are delivered on time and of good quality.

2.  Make Telework Work for You

One of the work alternatives nowadays is telecommuting or also known as telework. Telework allows you to establish a career at the comfort of your home as long as you have a laptop or PC that is connected to the internet. Some of the telework jobs that are available include computer programming and telephone customer service. However, you need to constantly monitor your employees involved in telework since all of them are home-based and are not present in the office. One of the best career tips at home for teleworkers is to set up a workspace at home that allows them to be in “work-mode” whenever they are positioned in that specific area. Do remind your teleworkers of their work schedules and their expected deliverables. Plus, you can help them understand the whole work scenario by incorporating them in your work cycle in the office through your web-based management tools. Make sure that they are constantly connected to the internet and incorporate video conferencing tools just in case you want to talk to them face-to-face regarding work.

3. Be clear with your Systematic Process and Guidelines

A good project management team is clear with its systematic process and guidelines put into place. If not, then there will be loopholes in the work outputs and there will be delays in targets and deadlines. You can incorporate agile project management in your entire business team so that they will feel a high sense of responsibility to their tasks. This kind of project management enables the team to see each of their roles as part of a tightly integrated unit and frequent communication through scrum meetings. These are done to determine the day’s targets and dependencies. Open communication is highly used in agile so that feedback can be given openly and quickly so that these feedbacks are taken into consideration during the entire work process.

4. Make use of Content Marketing Strategies

With regards to your team’s output, especially with your business products, you can make use of content marketing strategies so that you can effectively distribute product content that matches your business and buyer preferences. This also enables your team to engage more with your target customers, and in turn they will reward your business with brand loyalty and purchase.

Be updated of the latest content marketing tools that you can use for your business products and employ SEO or search engine optimization strategies as well so that your business ranks first on search engines when users search for the industry that you and your team are a part of.

5. Maximize Social Media Tools

A large influencer in today’s business industry is the use of social media for project management. Owners should keep in mind the reason why they need to use social media management tools and what they hope to gain out of it.

Always keep in mind your goals and what you hope to accomplish by using social media. This can include improved workflow, better engagement to your team and potential clients, keyword monitoring (for content marketing) and measuring engagement, the value of your content, and knowing more about your competitors. A helpful tip is to learn about social media metrics and analytics to measure your business’ social media presence and engagement.

6. Effectively Measure Your Team’s Performance

Your team’s project performance can be measured by re-checking your project goals and objectives and by reviewing the outputs if they are aligned to the said goals. Various organizations also use key performance indicators (KPis) to be able to monitor project outcomes, specific processes and operations. In this way, key issues or problems are identified and solutions are planned with the whole team so that project deliverables will meet target expectations. Do identify the best KPi that your team can use so that you can effectively measure team performance.

7. Always Empower Your Team

Allow your team to learn more about your work environment and project goals by holding informal learning sessions during meal times. They can learn more about their roles and the impact of their work to the bigger picture of the project so that they will feel a bigger sense of ownership and responsibility to the work that they do.

Encourage them more to creatively think of ideas for the project by giving them tasks that allow them to creatively think of solutions. This will allow them to make decisions in handling things and if they make wrong moves, be there to guide them and give them constructive feedback. They will be able to feel a sense of trust and a stronger sense of well-being to take initiative for new work challenges.

With these 7 ways of team management, not only will you build loyal customers, meet business targets and accomplish tasks. You will be able to build a team with a strong foundation built on responsibility, trust, and enhanced abilities that will make working an engaging and less-stressful activity.


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