A Time for Change – Making Changes to the Website

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By Remez Sasson

It is time for change. Actually, every day is a great day for change, and by change, I mean improvement.

No, this article is not about personal change and improvement, but about changes, and what I think are improvements in your experience of this website.

As you can see, this website is made of a traditional website and a blog. In the last few days, I have made a few changes, which I hope you like, and which I believe will make it easier to read the articles.

    • I have changed the fonts I have been using, and also increased their size, making it easier to read the articles, especially on your smartphone.


  • The color of the fonts changed to grey, instead of black.
  • I have increased the space between the lines.
  • As you can see now, the lines are not of the same length. Research has shown that it is easier to read on the screen, when the lines are not of the same size. This gives you, the reader, a feeling of space and freedom. Also, if you take your eyes off the screen, and then continue reading, it will be easier to find where you stopped reading.
  • I have also combined the articles that were under the separate links “Willpower” and “Self Discipline” (at the website, not the blog), into one link, leading to a single page pointing to all the articles in the above-mentioned categories

Rewriting and Revising Articles

Speaking about improving the website and the reader’s experience, I would like to tell you that I constantly reread the articles I have written, revise them, correct any typos when I find them, and rewrite parts of the articles to make them more readable, useful, and clear.

This means that all the articles keep changing and improving all the time. The next time you read an article, which you have already read, it is quite possible that there will be a few changes in the content, making it clearer, and easier to read and understand.

I intend to make a few more changes in the near future.

I am also contemplating of changing the website into 2 columns pages, instead of 3 columns, as the blog is, but I am not sure yet, whether it is a good idea.

Article source: http://www.successconsciousness.com/blog/writing-blogging/making-changes-to-the-website/


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