Are You the Creator of Your Thoughts?

By Remez Sasson

Have you ever examined your thoughts and beliefs and wondered, why do you think these particular thoughts, and why hold to those beliefs?

Have you ever thought whether the thoughts you think are yours, or whether they are other people’s ideas, or thoughts you have unconsciously picked from your environment?

How much has your education and upbringing shaped your mindset?
How much TV and the news shape your opinions?

In other words, are you the creator of your thoughts, or do they come from outside of you?

Most people believe that the thoughts that they think, originate from them, and are part of them. Is this true?

A lot of people protect their beliefs and manner of thinking, and resent people opposing them. Have you ever questioned yourself, what are these beliefs and whence they came?

Every person has certain beliefs, and acts in accordance with them. Have you ever analyzed these beliefs, and thought why do you have them? Did you sit down to decide what beliefs to accept, and then said to yourself that you are going to support, believe and act in accordance with them? You most p did not! Most of them were accepted without any thinking or analyzing.

Isn’t it an automatic, unconscious behavior? Where then is freedom? Where is the freedom of choice?

Most people’s actions are automatic, programmed and expected. Even people, who believe they are free to think what they want, act in a programmed manner, like robots. They are so enslaved by the way they think, and by their beliefs that they cannot tolerate someone thinking differently.

After reading so far, do you still believe that you are the creator of your thoughts?

How can you be free? Can you free yourself from your thoughts and beliefs? And what happens to you, if this happens? The answer is that you can become free to a large extent, but this requires inner work to be done. This will bring more calmness, happiness, common sense and wisdom into your life.

True freedom starts when you can rise above your thoughts, and when you develop the ability to choose or reject thoughts at will. This happens, when you become more aware and conscious of the thoughts that pass through your mind, and when you develop a certain degree of the ability to silence your mind at will. How can you do this? You can do so with concentration exercises and meditation, and by developing the ability to look at your thoughts in a more detached manner.

This is not something to be won overnight, and is not everyone’s cup of tea. There must be desire, motivation, and the understanding of the importance and benefits of becoming free from the enslavement of mind and thoughts.

If there is interest in this subject, I will write more about it. Actually, there are articles at this website and blog dealing with this subject. I have also written about this subject at more length and with practical techniques and advice in my books, Peace of Mind in Daily life, and Emotional Detachment for a better Life.

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