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August Motto v2

This month we are encouraging you to Think Different. Thinking different is something you can apply at any time and in various situations.

Encourage your team to think different when things are going well, how can you make them even better? When it looks like there is no solution or things are not going as planned, how can taking a completely different approach make a difference?

Think different, you might be surprised by the results!


Here are a couple of things you might have missed out on in July:

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Why you will fail without clear project goals and objectives




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You can also download yourself the 27 Point Set-Up for Success Project Checklist.

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Events and Training

Project Sponsor Development

Recent studies between PMI and the Boston Consulting Group have shown that effective Executive Sponsorship support is one of the top reasons for project success.

The study also shows that 1 of the 3 primary factors that can limit or inhibit sponsors’ ability to be effective is lack of professional development.

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Project Summit *Business Analyst World
OCTOBER 13 –  15, 2015

A Message From Our Founder

Our motto this month is ‘Think Different’. This is an approach we are applying in our business at the moment.

We had a couple of items that were being worked on and slowly things seemed to be moving in the right direction but the fact that they were moving slowly was concerning because at some stage we were going to run out of runway and they would become urgent or people would lose interest and they would become issues.

To head them off before they went wrong we decided to think about other possibilities. How can we do things differently than we already are? Who could we involve that we have not already?

This has put us in a stronger position because not only has it reignited people’s interest in the items, we now have options of how they can be handled and some much better than the way we were working on them before.

Businesses and projects of all shapes and sizes are at some stage or another likely to hit a plateau or a road block, most likely both.

Hitting a plateau can sometimes make you complacent, so heat things up by asking yourself, what can you do differently to make things work even better? What appears to be running along smoothly, how can you make it perform that much better?

If you hit an issue or a road block, ask people to think of options that do not seem like the norm, or are completely off centre.  Apart from having fun coming up with new and exciting ways or working or solving problems you can often come up with some amazing outcomes that would never have come to light had you carried on with your normal thought process or only asked the same people you always ask.

So what can you think different about this month?



Louise Ledbrook


We want to thank Dr Tom Forfa for sharing his learnings of running a social enterprise campaign (you can read about it here)

There are only 1 day left to support this amazing cause to please give generously. You can find out about the campaign here


Enjoy the rest of your month

Louise and the Project Community Team


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