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Project Quality Management

project quality management”

PMBOK, Project Quality Management Knowledge Area, Overview from PMC Mentor Check out the video: Source:

Introduction to Scrum

Introduction to Scrum”

What is Agile Scrum? This video will get you started with the details to you need to start working with Scrum. Visit http:– for scrum software. Watch the video below: Source:

How to Control Scope in Project Management

How to Control Scope in Project Management

Learn how to control scope changes to your project by taking these 3 basic steps. Project Management is all about doing the right things at the right time, to take these simple steps to manage your project successfully. Afterwards, visit… Check out the video: Source:

Why And How To Use PM Methodology

Why And How To Use PM Methodology”

Want to learn how to use different project management methodologies? Watch the following video presented by our expert from… and learn four of the most commonly used ones. Check it out: Source:

6 Project Management Methodologies

Project Management Methodologies″

In this video, Ash delivers six project management methodologies and when you should use them in five minutes. Don’t forget to check out their Blog on project management to learn more: Source:

Projects, Programs, and Portfolios

Projects, Programs, and Portfolios”

PM Chalkboard’s ( explanation of what a project is and the difference between projects, programs, and portfolios. Watch the video below: Source:

History of Project Management

history of PM”

Project management is the application of processes, methods, knowledge, skills and experience to achieve the project objectives from. Check out the video below: Find out more about the Association for Project Management at Source: