When to Skip a Difficult Conversation


Leaders know that they’ll occasionally need to give tough feedback to their employees, colleagues, and clients. And yet, no matter how skilled or experienced they are at it, most would also do anything to find a way out. As Douglas Stone, Bruce Patton and Sheila Heen explain in their book, Difficult Conversations, this internal struggle is natural: “If we…

Communication skills in Project Management

Communication skills in Project Management”

In this video by Change Quest (, is a Project Manager’s story about how projects so often go wrong and hints on what to look out for. Check out the video: Source:

Why SMS is still the best way to message with others from your smartphone


by: Derek Walter Plain ol’ texting still beats out jumping between five different instant messaging apps to reach all your contacts. There are way too many instant messaging apps. Even though I extolled the virtues of over-the-top over text messaging (SMS) I’m ready to give up. That’s because no matter how many nifty features, stickers, or cool…

Completed RACI Matrices


Don’t you love it when someone else does your work for you? To save you time on planning I have created some completed RACI matrices. These matrices each contain comprehensive listings of activities required to complete some of the most common types of projects. It then shows you who should be responsible, accountable, consulted and informed…