Eleven Project Leadership Principles Worth Doing


Project managers, did you know there is a 1983 Army Leadership Guide that contains eleven principles of leadership well worth adding to your project leadership skill set? Funny how sometimes things survive the “test of time”, isn’t it? On this first day of June, here are some traits to consider the next time you are…

Stay Focused


By Peter McBride There will always be distractions in your work. Like driving in traffic, where other drivers seem bent on making your trip difficult, the people in your project will sometimes look like they are purposely trying to make a mess of things. Your team members, your sponsor and management, your clients and their…

How I Solve Problems


By Risa Fogel One of the most stressful times in a person’s career is when they have to tell someone above them in the corporate hierarchy, “We have a problem.” As someone who has both delivered and received this message, I know the problem can be anything from a fairly insignificant miscommunication to a major…