7 Tips to Manage Your Email


By Bruce McGraw If you are reading this post, then like me, you would love to have a good guide on how to effectively use email. Unfortunately I am not aware of a single guide for this! However, I thought I would share some best practices on how to use and not be used by…



by Kundan Chhabra There is nothing missing. And there is always something more. You matter. Your very presence has affected those around you, and the world would miss you terribly if you were not here because of the uniqueness of who you are. Only you could be you. And yet, compared to the largeness of…

Digitalization: The Time to Speed Up is Now


By Sandeep Kishore The unstoppable digitalization of enterprises is happening all around us. In an effort to leverage the digital advantage, businesses are being reinvented, rejuvenated and freshly built by a new set of tools, technologies and ecosystem integration. Additionally, since going digital is an irreversible trend, businesses are investing heavily to stay relevant. Digitalization…