Clayton Christensen: How Management Can Advance


by: Steve Denning At the close of the Drucker Forum in Vienna, Austria, last week, Clay Christensen made some important remarks as to how management can advance. (These remarks came after my summary, published here earlier this week.) He suggested that the impact of the good ideas being discussed at the Drucker Forum was hampered by…

Performance Management


By William Seidman Performance management is a system in which manager’s work with their employees to set goals for the year. The manager will write up an appraisal and employees are rated and ranked numerically. Organizations claim the PM system is a way of improving performance and giving feedback. However, in reality, PM is a…

7 Tips to Manage Your Email


By Bruce McGraw If you are reading this post, then like me, you would love to have a good guide on how to effectively use email. Unfortunately I am not aware of a single guide for this! However, I thought I would share some best practices on how to use and not be used by…