Strategies for Every Type of Email Pain


by: Alexandra Samuel In our ongoing preoccupation with digital overload, nothing comes in for more hatred than email. Colleagues compare email triage strategies with the fervor they once reserved for their local sports franchise, and an entire industry has sprung up to tackle email pain by offering solutions at both the personal and organizational level. But…

Personality Tests Can Help Balance a Team


by: Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic & Dave Winsborough   It’s just plain hard to get people working together the way you’d like. That’s because, left to our own devices, we are often too greedy and self-centered to collaborate, preferring instead to compete as individuals. Sigmund Freud made this point, comparing humans to hedgehogs in the winter: When hedgehogs get…

Empathy Is Key to a Great Meeting


by: Annie McKee Yes, we all hate meetings. Yes, they are usually a waste of time. And yes, they’re here to stay. So it’s your responsibility as a leader to make them better. This doesn’t mean just make them shorter, more efficient, more organized. People need to enjoy them and, dare I say it, have fun.…

Influencing Action


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What Everyone Should Know About Managing Up


by:Dana Rousmaniere Having a healthy, positive relationship with your boss makes your work life much easier — it’s also good for your job satisfaction and your career. But some managers don’t make it easy. Bad bosses are the stuff of legend. And too many managers are overextended, overwhelmed, or downright incompetent — a topic that HBR…

How Too Many CEO Interviews Distort Business History And Reality


By David Slocum Earlier this year, two sociologists provoked a probing debate about the integrity and value of interviewing as a research method. Colin Jerolmack and Shamus Khan, respectively of New York University and Columbia University Berlin School of Creative Leadership (Steinbeis University), launched their broadside on the topic in the May 2014 issue of…