Professional Development

‘Skilling Up’ for a Project Management Career


There are four key skills that signal a change in the project management profession and help practitioners thrive in this rapidly growing field—which pays well. The ascendancy of project management as an organizational core competency is an important development for IT professionals planning their next career move. Project management is a profession that’s growing fast…

6 Simple Things You Can Do to Improve the Success of Your Job Search


As a recruiter, I’ve looked at plenty of job candidate profiles, conducted extensive amounts of recruitment research, and experienced firsthand some of the best (and worst) applicant interviews throughout every phase of the hiring process and at all levels of employment. From the way in which candidates appear on LinkedIn, to how they have handled…

When it comes to jobs, Generation Z may not be the ‘tech’ generation after all

Boy accessing futuristic entertainment applications

by: Conner Forrest One of the most prevalent stereotypes about young people is that they instinctively know more about technology than the generations that preceded them. Despite its agist implications, many aspects of this ring quite true. Just think about it—younger generations are exposed to tech earlier and earlier, and it is more deeply ingrained in…