Professional Development

Asking for a Raise When You’re Afraid To


by: Lolly Daskal Much has been written about how to negotiate for a better salary. But what about when you’re not sure you deserve a raise in the first place? As an executive coach for more than 30 years, I’ve worked with many top leaders who appear extremely successful externally, yet struggle with their self-worth. Michael, an esteemed…

Why Your Message Is the Medium


by: Mike Elgan Forget trying to go viral, obsessing over platforms, gaming SEO and narrowly targeting audience. Just write valuable content and the right people will find you. Are you a so-called content creator? If not, you’re missing a huge opportunity to enhance your career, make professional contacts, learn and grow—and possibly market your company’s products…

Reverse Cultural Fit? How to Find a Company With Values That Match Your Own


by: Matthew Kosinski Tom Borgerding, CEO of college-marketing agency Campus Media Group and creator and founder of college-recruiting database Mytasca, was recently speaking with a college student who was baffled by her experiences working with a well-known company. The student told Borgerding she was confused. This was supposed to be a great company to work for. Its reputation and employer…