Professional Development

When Learning at Work Becomes Overwhelming


by: David DeLong Many skilled jobs require a considerable amount of learning while doing, but learning requirements have reached unrealistic levels in many roles and work situations today. This phenomenon of “too much to learn” is not only feeding the perception of critical skills shortages in many sectors, but it can also accelerate burnout. Consider this:…

Expecting a Bad Reference From Your Former Employer?


by: Kazim Ladimeji We often associate “bad references” with “being fired,” but job seekers may fear bad references from former employers for a number of reasons: perhaps the job seeker had a poor relationship with their manager, or perhaps they left the company under less-than-ideal circumstances. There are two sides to every story, but references are categorically one-sided: a job seeker’s potential…

How to Clean Up Your Social Media Footprint


by: Kazim Ladimeji As you all probably already know, social media profiling went mainstream a while ago. Everyone does it: recruiters, your friends, your enemies, and even your government. Most of this profiling and surveillance probably won’t affect you too much, but the social media research performed by recruiters and hiring managers will probably have a material impact on your career. Figures…

Influencing Action


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Is It Possible to Focus?


by: Kerry Wills I spend my entire day in meetings. Every time, though, there are multiple concurrent distractions… Instant messaging about the meeting from people in it (e.g. the play by play, making fun of people, reacting to commentary, planning next steps, etc) Instant messaging on other topics Text messages on my phone eMails People stopping…