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How To Manage Small Projects

How To Manage Small Projects”

Jennifer Bridges, PMP, at discusses the unique qualities of smaller projects and how to manage them effectively. Check out the video below. Source:

58 Complete Role & Responsibility Descriptions


Why do you need Clear Roles and Responsibilities? What does not having clearly defined roles and responsibilities cause? Confusion Rework Conflict Having clear and agreed roles will give clarity and comfort for the team and stakeholders and removes risk from your project. As a project professional, I know as well as you do that time…

Completed RACI Matrices


Don’t you love it when someone else does your work for you? To save you time on planning I have created some completed RACI matrices. These matrices each contain comprehensive listings of activities required to complete some of the most common types of projects. It then shows you who should be responsible, accountable, consulted and informed…

How to support digitisation through project management


by: Clive Longbottom Agile and DevOps approaches mean large projects with a defined endpoint are disappearing. How is project management changing? Managing projects can be a headache for any manager, and maintaining adequate visibility over a portfolio of projects can be stressful for the best CIO. In the past, project management software such as Microsoft Project, Primavera or Project Manager…

The London 2012 Olympics used PRINCE2® – so can you!

The populatiry of PRINCE2 Exams

By Simon Buehring During 2012 a significant milestone was achieved. Not only was 2012 the year of the marvellous London 2012 Olympics, but it was also the year that the one millionth PRINCE2 examination was taken somewhere in the world. For those of you who don’t know what PRINCE2 is, it’s a project management framework,…

The most important and most missed approach

When I ask people what they think Business Readiness is, I get a variety of answers with a variety of outcomes ranging from, I ask the manager in a meeting if they are ready for Go Live on Monday to their ready, we’ve done it all for them! A couple of notes about business readiness.…

Microsoft Project Usage Survey

Microsoft Project Usage Survey from projectlearning I came accorss this slideshow of a survey about usage of Microsoft Project. I myself am an advocate and regular user of Microsoft Project and found the statistics very interesting. Take a look

Openness With Information

Transparency is vital to the success of a project. If you are uncertain of a certain issue or don’t  know how to complete a particular task, then you need to inform the people involved so that a  solution can be found in a timely fashion. If you hide the problem, the likelihood of it backfiring…

Top 6 Project Management Skills all Project Managers Need


The Project Management Institute (PMI), established in 1969 in the US, published A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge. The guide discusses common project management practices that are applied to almost all projects of any nature. While the guide is full of notable tips and guidelines for better project management, it focuses on…

Persuade Stakeholders for Effective Project Governance

One of the biggest challenges faced by all sectors of the project management profession is persuading senior executives to focus on implementing effective project governance. Governance is a “top-down” process. Most of the risks and rewards associated with a project or program are determined long before the project manager is appointed. Effective project management delivers…