Welcome 2015!

Happy New Year

Here we go again, another exciting year ahead. Thanks for being part of 2014 with us. Looking forward to sharing yet another amazing year with all our readers and members. Bring on our best year yet!

Scope Creep


Scope creep is one of the biggest issues in modern projects because many projects never reach full completion stage. This isn’t because the team is lazy or incompetent, but simply because the changes that are taking place far outweigh the progress that is being made. Simply put, the rate of change is greater than the…

Poor Requirements


Poorly defined project requirements are not as uncommon as you might think and they are one of the main causes of project failure. Requirements are ultimately delivered by a finished project. If they are poorly defined then the whole project will suffer because the team isn’t clear on what is expected of them. Common problems include…

The Feedback Sandwich – Tasty or Bitter?


By: Alison Wood I originally developed and posted this infographic out on my social networks, as a ‘How-to guide’ to the constructive criticism sandwich, which in my mind is a very valuable method. However it resulted in an interesting topic for debate, between myself and project managers who disagreed with the use of the sandwich method.…

Can Ethics and Big Business Sleep in the Same Bed?

High Road, Low Road  - Road Sign with Clipping Path

When I think of big business, I think of oil companies and steel manufacturers. I think of companies like Enron. I think of the caricature of the Monopoly man amassing a great fortune without regard to the good of the people. Or the environment. Or the economy. I think of how much information Google has…