Project Management

What is management and what is project management?


It is easy to define management. Put simply it is the business or the art of getting things done. But that is only the first definition. We then face the extended subject or sub-topic of how those things get done. That introduces a whole new level of activity, challenges and outcomes which are a part…

Work Breakdown Structures [WBS] basics


Every project should operate according to basic management principles. These principles are tried and tested. Now there are various components involved in the management of every project.  Examples of such components are goals and objectives.  These for instance are discussed in detail at the earliest stages of the project and then are subjected to a…

12 typical reasons for resistance to change


I recently read this article by Torben Rick where he talks about 12 typical reasons for resistance to change.  With resistance to change being one of the greatest challenges faced by any project it is important to be aware of and familiarize yourself with these reasons. All members of a project team should familiarize themselves…