Influencing Action


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Impact Investing Needs Millennials


by: Vilas Dhar and Julia Fetherston As impact investing tries to make the move from philanthropic thought experiment to powerful instrument for global change, a vital demographic and financial reality is emerging — it’s going to be millennial investors (particularly those inheriting or building significant private wealth) who make or break it. Since the term…

5 New Ways To Engage Your Team

You’ll often hear people talking about ‘engaging’ their team or ‘engaging’ stakeholders. This is supposed to give you better working relationships and build trust amongst individuals, which is great in theory. But how do you actually do it? What does ‘engagement’ look like? There are lots of ways to involve your project team members in…

Sticky Situations: How do Business Analysts Influence Ethics?

Written by  Angela Wick  We’ve all found ourselves in sticky situations at work—those grey areas between right and wrong that really test our ethical boundaries. The nature of BA work, facilitating change and protecting stakeholder value, launches BAs into the middle of many sticky situations. We often know things before the masses, we are present when…