From Construction Site to Court Room: How project management is transforming expert witness teams


With surprising frequency, attorneys involved in litigating design and construction issues take a very simple, even myopic view of the use of expert witnesses. In a lawsuit that’s focused on structural problems, for instance, who could carry more authority than a structural engineer? The strategy seems straightforward: enlist the expert most closely aligned with the…

How to Engage Difficult Stakeholders


Sometimes, from the very beginning of a workshop, it is evident that the delegates have a common problem with a big powerful stakeholder. As we start to delve into their influencing objectives, “his” name keeps being mentioned. On a recent occasion when this happened, I noticed was that his name was being used as a…

You Don’t Need to Adopt Holacracy to Get Some of Its Benefits


by: Greg Satell When Alfred Sloan conceived the modern corporation at General Motors, he based it on hierarchical military organizations. Companies were split into divisions, each with their own leadership. Authority flowed downwards and your rank determined your responsibility. Today, a few organizations – like Medium, David Allen Consultants, and Zappos – are adopting a radically…

3 Reasons to Get Better at Delegating


by: Henry Lopez The growth and success of your business, not to mention your health and happiness, depends to a great extent on your ability to delegate effectively and consistently. Delegating frees you up to focus on what’s most important, what you are best at, and to spend time away from your business. It also utilizes…

5 Major Roadblocks to Successful Project Management (and How to Solve for Them)


by: Meghan McClain The list of qualities the perfect project manager absolutely must have is getting more intense every day. But you can’t be expected to demonstrate consistent leadership, empathy, pragmatism, and organization if you’re working with terrible tools. The problem is, many of the project management tools and apps available are more complex or time-consuming…

The Pentagon Wars – A Project Management Lesson

projnewstoday 4

by: Barry Hodge A great example of why you should control your project stakeholders to ensure your project delivers the right product. About the Author Barry Hodge is a Project Manager and has created Project News Today site with the aim of providing useful resources for fellow project managers and those involved in projects. Article source:

58 Complete Role & Responsibility Descriptions


Why do you need Clear Roles and Responsibilities? What does not having clearly defined roles and responsibilities cause? Confusion Rework Conflict Having clear and agreed roles will give clarity and comfort for the team and stakeholders and removes risk from your project. As a project professional, I know as well as you do that time…