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How to Create High-Performing Project Management Teams


by: Sharon Florentine What do high-performing IT teams have in common? Why do some teams consistently deliver innovative products on schedule and with high levels of customer satisfaction, while others seem to consistently fall short? “Today’s IT market demands products that aren’t just functional, but universally accessible, beautifully designed and intuitive and user-friendly,” says JAMA…

What to do When a Data Breach Occurs

By David Barton While information security risks have existed for a long time—several U.S. Civil War battles, for instance, were decided by military details secretly obtained by the opposing side—today they bring with them challenging complexities and costly ramifications for businesses. U.S. consumer cyber-attacks in 2013 had a price tag of $38 billion, according to the 2013…

Save money on your project management software

Rohit Thakral Image of businesspeople at presentation looking at virtual project When it comes to managing projects, ensuring everyone within a particular team, department or company is fully up to speed on what’s happening is important. Project management software gives people the ability to organise, collaborate and track details of projects, as well as allocate…