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Because we know you might be looking for a solution to a very specific problem area we have made it easy for you to access the information you need.

Stakeholders need influencing?  Then you can grab the Influencing Action In Stakeholders and Other Parties Toolkit.

Team Members need to take responsibility? Then you can grab the Influencing Action In Team Members Toolkit.

Looking to rock your project to ultimate success, then grab the full Influencing Action Toolkit package.


  • Step-By-Step Manual

    The Influencing Action Manual helps ensure you have a step-by-step roadmap for running a smooth project from start to finish.

    This Roadmap to Project Management Success is written like a recipe, you will be told what supplies you need, who should be involved and the recommended actions to take for each step in the project life.

  • Templates

    Start from a Strong Foundation – Set of 10 Templates saving you countless hours and painful management headaches

  • RACI Matrices

    Planning Who and What – 4 Completed RACI Matrices covering Project Management, Organizational Change Projects, Software Projects and Process Engineering Projects.

  • Sample Messages

    Don’t Start From Scratch – 9 Sample emails/communication messages to ensure your emails get the job done right the first time! Use these 9 sample emails and you’ll never work or be guessing about what to write and send

  • Responsibility Descriptions

    58 Complete Role & Responsibility Descriptions covering not just the project team but other involved parties and stakeholders including

  • Facebook Group

    Private Closed Group invite only Facebook Group for Project Community VIPs. Your privileged access allows you to discuss issues on the go with members of this group to share knowledge and solve problems quickly.

Proven To Work

The result of my 18 years of “school-of-hard-knocks” experience is much more than just a manual and a bunch of templates. It’s a 'DONE FOR YOU' toolkit designed to set you on the right path and provide a solid road map from the beginning to the end of your project’s completion.

The Benefits Can Be Felt By All Involved

Just Some of the Benefits of Using This Approach

  • Create a loyal and trusting team
  • Have stakeholders who are engaged in the project
  • Build accountability into each team member’s assigned tasks
  • Avoid confusion and delays
  • Create a positive working environment
  • Create a culture of highly motivated team members
  • Maintain strong working relationships with stakeholders

Your templates are excellent. Very pragmatic and easy to implement. Thanks a lot for making it possible & sharing your experience within the project professional field ..and for giving us the tools to improve our projects successes

Raul Cajias
Team Member Toolkit
  • Influencing Action In Team Members Manual
  • 8 Template Set
  • 4 RACI Matrices
  • 58 Role and Responsibility Descriptions
  • 5 Sample Communication Messages
  • VIP Facebook Group

Focused on influencing team members to achieve outcomes!

Stakeholder Toolkit
  • Influencing Action Manual In Stakeholders
  • 8 Template Set
  • 4 Completed RACI Matrices
  • 58 Role and Responsibility Descriptions
  • 4 Sample Communication Messages
  • VIP Facebook Group

Focused on influencing stakeholders and other parties to get things done!



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