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So many projects run along and create software, they test the software and think that is enough.

Well I am here to tell you it is not enough.  A piece of code may actually function well and pass testing, but underneath turn out to actually be a great big disaster waiting to happen.

You should essentially consider code reviews as just another critical test in the project, and not an optional task.

If you recruit a developer and are not a developer yourself, it can be difficult to really know if what they create is of top quality.  If you have a small team and only have one developer on your payroll, then you need to get creative and find a way to ensure code reviews can be performed.  If you or another team member doesn’t have the skill to do it, you need to build into your budget and plan that an outside person has to do a code review.

I am speaking from experience here, we had a great little tool built, worked fine in testing, met the requirements but once we looking in at the code we saw a mess!  And although it worked in testing, at any point it could have had a complete failure.

When did you last do a code review?

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