Communication and the Rule of Three

Communication is the foundation of any successful relationship, whether it is personal or professional. Of course, this also applies to projects, where many people are involved. Thus, you can never have sufficient communication. Remember, sometimes it takes repetition for an  idea to stick.

Therefore, you want to communicate as often as possible. It can be done either formally or informally and in some cases both options are a good idea. The key is to ensure that every team member understands their role and what the desired outcome of the project is.

Those affected by the outcomes of the project need to understand what the project is going to deliver, when and how it will affect their lives and what support will be provided to them.

Additionally, stakeholders and other areas or departments working with the project also need to be aware of the progress and status of the project.

Ensure you create a communication plan from the beginning, outlining whom you need to communicate to and what they need to know. This plan will grow and evolve over the life of the project.

The more communication there is, the more smoothly the project will progress. This is also a way for you to protect yourself because if everyone is aware of all the issues and you have proposed solutions, there is no way for you to be blamed if the project is not successful.

Remember, effective communication is vital to a project’s success. Never leave anything to the last minute because then you will be the one to suffer as well as your team who might have tons of work to redo because the stakeholders weren’t informed of the progress.

Communication can be done via different mediums. For example, when it comes to offering just the bare facts, then reports are your best bet.

On the other hand, if you want an environment that is more creative, then meetings are a better option. Get creative with your communications.

You may want to create a great big notice board covered in colorful information, play videos with updates on the televisions around the building, or have drinks with speakers. Use your imagination. In any case, you want to have regularly scheduled team meetings and communications to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

When you apply the rule of three to your communication you minimize the possibilities for failure. A good way to make it stick is by sending your messages three ways or three times. Research has shown that in some cases up to seven contacts are required to get a response, or for the message to sink in.


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