Disciplined Project Management

We can all boast of great methods of managing people and project deliverables. But what gets the job done is discipline.

And it’s interesting to note how the team follows the leader: The more disciplined the leader, the more disciplined the team. A disciplined leader gives others an anchor — a sense of stability and accountability.

You may wonder why some people are disciplined and others are not. I believe it’s a choice. Disciplined project managers strongly believe that delivering on the project result is a function of project management science and disciplined execution.

Here are some ways to become a disciplined project manager:

–    Plan the next work week’s activities a day or two ahead of time
–    Confirm activities the day before
–    Conduct daily reviews of what you did or didn’t accomplish
–    Follow through on your commitments
–    Avoid time-wasters, such as unrelated conversations
–    Practice staying within the time allotted to the meetings, tasks and activities
–    Hold yourself accountable for your own deliverables by using a daily tracker document
–    Communicate with stakeholders and sponsors regularly, regardless of the results

What are the ways you’ve become a disciplined project manager? And how has it helped you deliver better results?

Article source: http://blogs.pmi.org/blog/voices_on_project_management/2011/11/disciplined-project-management.html


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