Excel as a Project Team

What makes projects move and people excel? In my opinion, there are three characteristics that are consistently found in great project practitioners:

1.    Urgency
2.    Persistence
3.    Desire

Executing projects with a sense of urgency means you and your team must really apply yourselves. Every day has to be productive. Tools must be properly utilized. The work needs to be completed with quality and according to the requirements.

Don’t look at the future as a way to fix the mistakes you might make today. Address items immediately and effectively so that you don’t make them again.

Persistence means not giving in or giving up. Nor should we quit when things get tough.

Don’t let it slide when you feel less productive: You and your team should encourage each other to be in motion at all times. After all, we are hired to perform a specific job. The more we stick to being professional and complete in the work we do, the higher level we will reach in our daily execution of project tasks.

Finally, have the desire to be great. That means don’t settle for second best or for a “good enough” result. You should want to outdo yourself, to be more effective than in the past. Strive to complete more work through effectiveness and with higher quality than you think you can. It’s the only way to improve yourself.

When the entire team is aligned to such a work ethic and mindset, it no longer is a job for a project manager. It becomes a game and a challenge that everyone on the team takes on and is excited to be part of.

Together aligned we achieve more, have fun, constantly grow and become better at what we do.

What do you do on a project team to add value to the team effort with your own individual effort?

Article source: http://blogs.pmi.org/blog/voices_on_project_management/2012/04/excel-as-a-project-team.html


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