February Newsletter – Back yourself

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Here are a couple of things you might have missed out on in January:



Remove the Confusion With These Easy to Understand Communication Tools

Share your plan with your stakeholders in an easy to understand format. Get your Free Templates Here.

You can also download yourself the 27 Point Set-Up for Success Project Checklist.

This is not your standard tick in the box theory checklist. It is designed to get you thinking about all the things you should be considering to make your project successful on top of the fundamentals they teach you in text books.

Done For You RACIs

To save you time on planning we have created some completed RACI matrices.

These matrices each contain comprehensive listings of activities required to complete some of the most common types of projects. It then shows you who should be responsible, accountable, consulted and informed for each of those activities.

Why not let us do the work for you? Grab them here

Events and Training

Project Sponsor Development

Recent studies between PMI and the Boston Consulting Group have shown that effective Executive Sponsorship support is one of the top reasons for project success.

The study also shows that 1 of the 3 primary factors that can limit or inhibit sponsors’ ability to be effective is lack of professional development.

Find out more about Project Sponsor Development here

A Message From Our Founder

All around the world in each culture and country we have a different term for what we here in Australia call ‘big noting’.

However if done right, I prefer to call it ‘backing yourself’. Some cultures really support the notion of backing yourself, while others label it conceited, blowing your own horn, tooting your own trumpet and many other variations I best not use here. Like it’s a bad thing to do.

But why not do a little self promotion? Backing yourself is really important to help you progress in your career and in business. If you don’t back yourself why should others?

It can be tricky to get right but there are several ways you can do this without appearing arrogant but confident in your own skills and abilities.

  • It can be as simple as offering your support and assistance.
  • Offer your advice.
  • Ask for a recommendation on LinkedIn or give someone else a recommendation and request one in return
  • Be confident and have conviction in your opinions. Don’t be afraid to put your views out there and openly justify yourself with your experience and knowledge.

Have confidence in how talented you are because every single person has something amazing to offer. Everyone!

Go out there this month and back yourself, go on!

Louise Ledbrook

Louise and the Project Community Team


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