Free Live Webinar – 5 Things You Do To Stuff Up Your Project

PhotoFunia10c27943_o“Just 5″ you say!!

Well, in this webinar we are going to be talking about 5 specific things that are quite common across projects. Don’t worry, there will be other webinar opportunities to discuss the other 4,567 things :)

Are you a project or business leader responsible for driving out high quality business outcomes?

Do any of these statements resonate with you?

  • You are tired of going around in circles and feeling like you are just wasting your time
  • Tired of working with what feels like immovable stakeholders, who keep giving you excuses
  • Your team members seem to be just doing the bare minimum when what you need is initiative and drive

Firstly, those are all common complaints on projects and secondly, believe it or not many of those are well within your control to influence action to change.

What you need are not work hard, but work smart techniques.

What you really need is to lose that terrible ‘tired’ word from how you are feeling and replace those statements above with things like:

  • I have a rockin’ team who I trust to get the job done!
  • My stakeholders have their challenges but together we make a great team and have delivered some awesome outcomes
  • I am proud of everyone involved and we are making great progress

In my over 15 years in project and program management I have tried and tested many techniques and have worked with some seriously successful mentors who have also shared with me their techniques.

In this exclusive 45 minute webinar I am going to share with you:

  • Techniques I use to empower my team members to help build the ‘A Team’
  • How I make sure I get the most out of the skills that are available to me on a project
  • Techniques I use to build solid relationships with my stakeholders which creates a trusting and co-operative environment
  • Reasons why you are part of the ‘roadblock’, and you might not even know it!

You can start implementing these strategies immediately after the webinar!

So I would love you to join me!

It will be run on the 1st October AEST (may be the 30th September depending on your timezone)



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