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Roles and Responsibilities – RACI and Communication Templates

Download your RACI Matrix template (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed) and sample Roles and Responsibilities communication template (PowerPoint) to help your project run just that little bit smoother.  Avoid Confusion with these clear, easy to understand tools.  $29 value for Free.

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Improve Meeting Efficiency with these Templates and Tips

To ensure your meetings are effective and efficient you need to ensure you set them up for success.

We have made available to you Meeting Agenda and Meeting Minute templates that have been tried and tested and if used in conjunction with our meeting efficiency tips ensure huge time savings.

$25 value for Free

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Remove Confusion with Easy to Understand Stakeholder Communication Tools

I developed a communication tool on one of my programs that has proved very useful and is now widely used.

It’s simple, straight forward and easy to read.  It allows everyone who is involved in the project to understand what is required of them, how their action impacts other actions and generally, what is going on in the project.

$44 value for Free

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