Is that my responsibility?

One of the top pieces of feedback I have seen on various Post Implementation Review reports is lack of clear roles and responsibilities.

It is one of those fundamental tasks that is regularly missed. It is also not a set and forget task, it does have to be revisited during the project or the life of the team. Things change, scope, team composition, even just the maturity of the project or the operational team and these can have an impact on the roles and responsibilities.

Make sure you do the following:

  • Make it an item on your project plan to create roles and responsibilities (R&Rs) and to revise them so you don’t wait until it is a problem before you revisit it
  • Document and agreed R&Rs to help resolve uncertainties and conflicts swiftly
  • Communicate them to everyone so there is no confusion
  • Discuss the role and responsibilities of each team member or stakeholder with them so they understand them and have the opportunity to modify them
  • Make sure your R&Rs cover Everyone!

Do you have clear R&Rs documented and communicated?   Have you reviewed them lately?

If you are at the start of a project, make sure you put this deliverable in your must do list.


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