Fulcrum is First Project Management Platform to Integrate MarketTools TrueSample

/PRNewswire/ – MarketTools, Inc., the leading provider of software and services for market research and enterprise feedback management (EFM), and Federated Sample, a market research technology firm focusing on bringing efficiency and automation to sampling, today announced that Federated Sample has integrated MarketTools® TrueSample™ with its Fulcrum project management platform. TrueSample is the industry’s most widely use data quality solution that provides researchers with the assurance that every respondent is Real, Unique and Engaged™ by removing fake, duplicate and unengaged respondents from research samples, and offers the benefits of TrueSample SurveyScore to give researchers insights into how to make surveys better.

With this integration, Fulcrum clients can offer their customers access to research sample that has been verified as real, unique and engaged by TrueSample.  Clients can now receive the full benefits of TrueSample and TrueSample SurveyScore by purchasing TrueSample-certified sample (real and unique) from Fulcrum while using a TrueSample-enabled survey programming and hosting platform (engaged and SurveyScore).  With TrueSample built into the Fulcrum project management platform, Fulcrum licensed partners can easily provide clients with real-time TrueSample-certified survey panelists to be used with certified TrueSample-enabled platforms.

“Fulcrum is the first project management platform to provide clients TrueSample as a turn-key, on-demand solution to ensure the quality of their sample,” said Patrick Comer, CEO of Federated Sample.  “The integration with TrueSample gives Fulcrum clients the tools to guarantee that sample delivered through the Fulcrum platform is of the highest quality.”

“By integrating TrueSample directly into its Fulcrum platform, Federated Sample is demonstrating its commitment to offering its clients proven data quality solutions,” said John Ouren, EVP and General Manager at MarketTools, Inc. “We are pleased to welcome Federated Sample to the growing list of platform partners that are implementing TrueSample.”

About The Patent-Pending MarketTools TrueSample Technology

MarketTools TrueSample is the research industry’s premier online data quality solution that improves the quality of online research by identifying and removing fake, duplicate and unengaged respondents from research samples.

MarketTools TrueSample combines powerful identity validation, de-duplication and engagement modeling into one comprehensive technological solution that ensures that survey respondents are:

Real––TrueSample uses extensive third-party databases to guarantee that all prospective panelists are who they say they are;

Unique––TrueSample ensures that no respondent can take a survey twice by eliminating both overlaps (panelists in multiple panels) and duplicates (panelists who sign up in one panel more than once);

Engaged––TrueSample’s award-winning panelist engagement technology removes speeders and straight-liners, in real time, and provides quantified feedback on survey design via TrueSample SurveyScore®.

More than 100 customers are already benefitting from MarketTools TrueSample, including some of the world’s largest consumer packaged goods companies.

About MarketTools, Inc.

MarketTools is the leading provider of software and services for market research and enterprise feedback management (EFM). The company is focused on providing leading organizations the actionable customer insights they need to make better business decisions that lead to high-value business impact. As the first company to make online surveys widely available on the Web, MarketTools continues its market-leading position by providing the broadest range of powerful, accurate and integrated customer insight technologies that empower companies to become the most customer-centric organizations in their industries.  The MarketTools premier portfolio of technology-based insight brands includes CustomerSat™, TrueSample®, Zoomerang®, ZoomPanel® and ZoomPanel Tech™.

MarketTools is a privately held company with corporate headquarters in San Francisco and European headquarters in London. For more information, please visit www.markettools.com.

About Federated Sample

Federated Sample is a market research technology firm focused on bringing efficiency and automation to sampling through the Fulcrum Platform.  Fulcrum is the world’s first complete project management suite to give clients the power to seamlessly integrate multiple suppliers, increase productivity and reduce costs.  Ranging from vertically integrated research firms to sample suppliers, clients who license Fulcrum enjoy increased efficiency and with minimal technology development costs. This simplified survey management platform boasts white-labeled routing and improved respondent experience all while giving clients exceptional control and sample quality. For more information, visit www.federatedsample.com.

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SOURCE MarketTools, Inc.

Article source: http://www.sacbee.com/2011/11/15/4055933/fulcrum-is-first-project-management.html


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