Happy New Year! Welcome to 2012…

Happy New Year Everyone!

With the dawning of a new year many of us give ourselves numerous new years resolutions in an effort to have a better more successful year and become a better version of ourselves.

Here are some tips to help you keep those new years resolutions.

  • Make them realistic and achievable.  Like any SMART goal, it needs to be something that is possible in the time-frame you have given yourself.
  • Don’t go too hard too fast. If you need to, spread out your goals across the year so you don’t get overwhelmed in the beginning and by the end of the year you are more likely to have achieved more goals.
  • Make it hard to back out.  Tell people about your goals and get them to hold you to them, or even better ask someone to join you on your goal and enjoy your success together.
  • Reward yourself.  When you set your goal, set what the reward will be for achieving it so you have an added bonus to strive for.

Very few people are 100% satisfied with their current self, career, environment or personal life. So start the year off by spending a little time and effort on yourself.

Here are 10 areas you can work on for your own personal and professional development right now!



Here’s hoping 2012 is your best year yet. Full of enjoyment, love and success!

Happy New Year from the Project Community Team





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