Have you learned to learn?

bigstock-tree-of-knowledge-the-concept-25540241I often talk about learning and growth and moving forward in my articles and writing but the reason I do this is because the human brain is an ever evolving organ, it’s our engine and if we don’t continually service it, it seizes up and dies.

We are designed to continually grow and transform our way of thinking. Transform our ways of working. So if you don’t continually learn from your own and other people’s activities and actions, and grow, change and adapt from them, you become stagnant.

Your skills become redundant.

You become the person in the office that ‘won’t adapt’.

The one that ‘won’t move to the new toolset’ or ‘the new way of working’.

You don’t want to be that person. You don’t want to be the person that doesn’t grow and learn, that doesn’t believe that there is room for growth. Do you?

I know a lot of coaches, in fact I even have a number of coaches, who coach people how to grow their business or grow themselves personally.  They all have this one mandatory criteria when accepting clients. They are coachable. The person has the ability and willingness to grow and learn, to be coached. They allow themselves to be taught new things and to change the way they work or behave.

However, you don’t need a coach to change yourself, or the world, but you need to be willing to learn and apply your learnings. No matter how big or small.

Tell me, what have you learned lately?

What is something that you have applied to your world?

Do you make it a habit to continually look for improvements?

I actively go out and seek learnings from people who know how to do things better than me or have been there and done that before me. I try and make applying my learnings a habit, every week or month or 3 months depending on the size I apply at least one thing to my life or my business.

I’m currently listening to a productivity series on the BizChix podcast (start at episode 205 if you are interested in being more productive) and they talk about decision fatigue, which is a very real thing. In these crazy busy lives we live, running households, teams, projects, businesses, we just get tired of making decisions.  I am learning ways to reduce the number of decisions I have to make in a day and you can do this through such simple actions.

I now use a service that delivers not only my groceries by my meal plans for the week. I no longer have to decide what to have for dinner or go shopping! It seems like a small one, but it’s one less decision I have to make each day.

I’ve also updated my email rules so that my emails are automatically filtered and put into folders so I only address the emails I really need to in the day.

I urge you to actively seek out lessons from yours and others experiences and start taking action on them today.

It may just change your life!


Louise Ledbrook loves the project world and is continually looking for ways to improve how we deliver projects to reduce cost and risk and to make it a more enjoyable and successful experience for all involved. She is the Founder of Project Community and the CEO of Pro SMART. You can follow Louise on twitter @louiseledbrook or on Linked In.



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