How to Pursue Your Life Goals

Make Lasting Changes

The greatest changes start with a simple plan which eventually leads to action. For every person, there is at least one change they wish to see in themselves to give them a sense of accomplishment. Some people want to kick their bad habits and live healthier. Others want to become more productive. Some want to learn a foreign language. Sadly though, after a month or two, these plans remain unresolved due to the absence of goals. Without the proper motivation that spurs one to action, it will be very difficult to stick to these plans.

You can attain the changes you want in your life provided you set your foot down the path that leads to them. Choose life changes that will make a difference. Be sure to pick things that will be challenging but rewarding and are beneficial for you in the long run. Start thinking long term and project how these changes will pay off soon. Here are some steps you can follow to help you achieve your desired changes.

Choose your goals

Focus on setting goals. By doing this, you can easily determine how it can benefit you and the different facets of your life. Goals, along with the right motivation, will enable you to take the first step and move forward so that you can achieve them, as opposed to plans that will only seem to be exciting and feasible while it’s fresh. When you set goals, you need to be aware that you will have to work for it. You know that it won’t always be easy, but it will certainly be rewarding.

Learn how to eat an elephant

Reaching your goals is a process, so make sure you do it one step at a time. If your goal, for instance, is to proficiently speak a foreign language, then you need the advice of friends who have already done it. Choose from among the best schools or online courses, and set aside sufficient time to study. Don’t take in huge chunks of information in one sitting as this can overwhelm you and cause a burnout. Rather, take in smaller bits of knowledge that are easier to understand and remember.

The key to becoming a winner is to set small goals before gearing up for big ones, which will allow you to leverage yourself so you can work for greater things. Don’t be hasty to make sweeping changes. Instead, start small and work your way up. Take baby-steps. This will be better in helping you reach your goals. How do you eat an entire elephant? A bite at a time.

Let’s say you’ve set yourself up for less stressful days ahead. You are tired of thinking that you could be having a panic disorder brought by loads of deadlines and responsibilities, and so you have thought of organizing your life. First, get your act together by listing the things you need to accomplish and when you need them. Plan which ones to finish first, which tasks you can delegate, and which can wait. Next, set up a better work flow for yourself, and don’t succumb to distractions easily. Change will come sooner than you think.

Aim for success

It’s important to not just set goals. You should also have the determination to reach your goals and not give in to thoughts of quitting when the going gets rough. Sure, you may stumble along the way, but you have to pick yourself up every time to stay in the race. There may be uphill struggles and other obstacles on your way to your goal, but you need to push yourself nearer and nearer to the finish line. Remember that the hardest part of the climb is the last few meters to the top.

One key to helping yourself make lasting changes is to reward yourself for all the goals you accomplish. Don’t hesitate to indulge yourself once in a while for a job well done. Once you’ve set up a rhythm that involves setting goals, succeeding, and rewarding yourself, you can easily make lasting changes that you will definitely benefit from.


About the Author: Ryan Rivera suffered from intense, debilitating panic attacks for much of his adult life. He writes about overcoming panic at


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