How to Stop Procrastinating – The 15 Minute Method

By Remez Sasson

Stop ProcrastinatingIs it possible to break the habit of procrastination?

It is so easy and requires no effort to procrastinate, to put off tasks that we don’t feel like doing.

Why do we procrastinate? There are several reasons why this happens:

  1. We might not know how to start the task.
  2. The task might be big and intimidating.
  3. We might not have the necessary knowledge and information for the task.
  4. We don’t like the task.
  5. We feel we don’t have the energy and the patience for the task.
  6. We are preoccupied with other matters.

These reasons, make us to put off big and important tasks, as well as small tasks.

Continuously procrastinating tasks can have severe long term effects on your future, work, and relationships.

This means that it is of the utmost importance for everyone to learn to stop procrastinating.

How to stop procrastinating?

There are various ways to tackle the problem of procrastination. One of my favorite techniques is to practice willpower and self-discipline exercises.

I have written a lot about this subject, including a book titled, ‘Strengthen Your Willpower and Self-Discipline’.

The possession of these skills enables you, not only to overcome procrastination, but also to overcome laziness and other negative habits, as well as become more assertive and confident.

You can find plenty of information about these important skills at other posts at this website.

Another method, which you might have read about elsewhere, is ‘The 15 Minute Method’. It is a simple and powerful method, if you have problems getting started on different activities and put them off.

Some people have problems starting on tasks, not sure where to begin, especially when the task is too big.

Others, have a lot of trouble tackling uncomfortable situations, and therefore, put it off.

The 15-minutes method is a good solution to the problem.

  1. All you do is to promise yourself to work on a task for 15 minutes, no longer.
  2. Once you have devoted those 15 minutes you can take a break or do something you enjoy.
  3. You need to be completely focused on your task during those 15 minutes. Don’t do anything else, and don’t let anything distract you.
  4. To make it even easier, clear your mind of other tasks, take a deep breath, and set a timer for 15 minutes.

As you can see, it is an easy way to break procrastination. You just got to work for 15 minutes, and therefore, big tasks don’t seem formidable and intimidating anymore. You know you are going to work at this task for just 15 minutes, and this makes you feel more at ease.

This helps you get rid of the reasons for procrastinating.

You can use this method when studying, reading, cleaning the house, your cupboard or your basement. You can use it when you mow the grass, clean your yard, cook, and for a lot other tasks, big or small.

If you want to become truly proficient at time management and overcome the habit of procrastination, I suggest you join “The Time Management Expert Course”. It has a whole section on how to conquer procrastination, and teaches a complete system on how to best manage your time.

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