I Owe A Lot To My Boss

In most people’s careers, they’ll find that they have numerous bosses throughout the lifetime of their career. Some of them they’ll love and some you’ll hate. Some you will not get along with. The worst thing is to have a boss that you hate.

I have to say, I, personally, have been very fortunate to have good and bad managers. Bad means that I’ve learnt lessons and things I don’t want to be. The good means that I’ve learnt skills and the ways that I want to be and the things that have helped me progress my career.

Finding a good boss or a good mentor is really important because, I guarantee you, that the time you have that person working with you, your career will skyrocket faster than it would at a time when you don’t. If you can find yourself a good mentor who you can work with and you’re willing to grow and improve your skills with them, you will definitely find that your career will benefit from it.

At one particular time in my career, I worked with one particular Program Director for a number of years and he saw potential in me and put the effort into helping me grow.  And grow I did, the skills I gained in that short time were quadruple what I had learnt in the same amount of time previously in my career.  Like I said, I owe a lot to my boss.


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