I Thank My Bad Managers

We always look at the positives of having a good manager or mentor in our lives. Don’t get me wrong – that is imperative and important to a successful and happy career. However, you have to take the good with the bad.

Unfortunately, you’re not always going to get a good manager. Sometimes, you’re going to get a bad manager. The important thing is to take a lesson from it. What have you learned from every bad manager who you’ve seen, heard of, or had yourself?

Early in my working life, I happened to work for a whole organization of bad people managers. Sounds crazy I know, how did one organization manage to employ so many bad people managers?? What that actually inspired me to do was make sure I was never one of those bad people managers. So as part of my degree at university I majored in Human Resources. I wanted to learn the things made a good Human Resources Manager. What was important in managing human resources and people?

That was just one of the lessons that I’ve had or seen from bad managers. What are some of the lessons and things that you’ve learned from your bad manager?


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