I Walk In Their Shoes Everyday

One of the most important things you can have and portray on any project is empathy. You need to show empathy to the people you’re impacting. You need to show them that you care and that you’re there to help them, even if it seems like you’re not.

In some cases, at the end of your project, some people might not have their job anymore or their job will be completely changed. What I do, when I’m on a project that affects somebody’s job or life, is I put myself in their shoes every day. Everything I do on that project, every action I take, every task that I put into that plan, and every approach that I consider doing, I’m thinking about how they’re going to feel.

I’m thinking about how it is working for them. How is their day every day now with this project in existence? How am I impacting them every day during this project?Not just when the project ends.

I walk in their shoes. I put myself in their shoes every day in everything I do on that project. If you’re not doing the project for them and making sure the outcome and the way the project runs helps them and supports them, then you’re project might deliver, but it’s going to be what we call a successful failure. You deliver something, but the people aren’t happy.

They don’t change their processes. They don’t use the systems because you didn’t work with them. You didn’t put yourself in their shoes every day to make sure that you worked with them so that they were comfortable and that they supported the project and change. If the people don’t support the change, you may as well not bother.


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