Improve Meeting Efficiency With These Templates and Tips

company-975971_640To ensure your meetings are effective and efficient you need to ensure you set them up for success.

Top tips on making your meetings more effective.

  • Always have a plan, make sure you set a purpose and agenda and it is shared prior to the meeting
  • Have timings against agenda items and a time keeper, this helps keep things on track
  • Keep and distribute minutes of the meeting
  • Assign actions throughout the meeting with due dates
  • Review previous actions at the start of the meeting
  • Only schedule the meeting for the length of time required, if you need half an hour, don’t book an hour, if you need 15 minutes, only book 15 minutes
  • Make sure you invite the right people
  • Be prepared, if you need to have thought about the items on the agenda prior or done reading, make sure you do it
  • Provide pre-reading materials instead of trying to get everyone to read the materials in the meeting
  • Prepare meeting principles or guidelines to encourage desired behaviors such as punctuality and not answering calls in meetings

You can use the above as a bit of a checklist whenever you are setting a meeting.

Share these pointers with your team members and colleagues to encourage a consistent approach.

We have made available to you Meeting Agenda and Meeting Minute templates that have been tried and tested and if used in conjunction with the above tips ensure huge time savings.

I hear you saying, how hard is it to create a meeting template? Well the answer is not hard at all, but have you included all the important elements?

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  1. Augustine D.N.Sackie
    February 2, 2012 at 12:18 am

    I am a 2011 advanced diploma holder in project management. I appreciate your efforts in making things a bit easier for us in the project areas.

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