Juggling too many projects?

I have so many projects running in parallel at the moment I’ve almost lost count.

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How many projects is too many projects?

Studies show that swapping between different activities can be inefficient because your mind has to move from one topic to the other and this can take time. I myself can vouch for this. There are some days where I have had to chop and change between so many topics and projects that I get to the end of the day and wonder ‘what have I achieved today?’

There is definitely a case for restricting the number of projects team members are allocated to. However it is not always possible to choose a ‘reasonable’ number, like in my case, the reality is I just need to be involved in many projects at one time.

Here are some of the strategies I use to ensure that I don’t have too many of those days where I feel like I haven’t achieved much at all.

  • Plan out your week with blocks of time allocated to specific tasks for projects.
  • Where possible group activities related to a particular project together either in a day or in large blocks of time. This way even if you change between many small tasks they are at least related.
  • Carefully prioritise your tasks for the week and each day. Now this may seem like a no-brainer however if your mind is not clear on priorities you may struggle to focus on a specific task or jump around between activities because you are unclear where your time is best spent.
  • If possible, take the time to delegate.
  • Make sure each project has an overall plan and clear objectives because without those, it’s very difficult to do the above.

Now I better get back to my many projects.

I’d love to hear your tips and experience juggling many projects, let me know below.


About the Author

Louise Ledbrook loves the project world and is continually looking for ways to improve how we deliver projects to reduce cost and risk and to make it a more enjoyable and successful experience for all involved. She is the Founder of Project Community and the CEO of Pro SMART. You can follow Louise on twitter @louiseledbrook or on Linked In.


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