July Newsletter – Let go of a lost cause

Let go of a lost cause.This month we are asking you to let go of your lost cause.  Read more about it in our Founders message below.


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A Message From Our Founder

I am continually reflecting on and assessing my current projects and strategies.

Sometimes you need make a hard assessment of an activity or project you are running, or even a business and decide when it is a lost cause. Sometimes it is just time to call it a day and cut your losses.

I have recently had to make this decision myself. Deciding that one of my projects has reached a point where the best course of action is to let it go, cut my loses and discontinue.

It was a tough decision to make but a necessary one.

When doing your assessment, here are a couple of the non-traditional things you need to consider:

  • Emotions – Are you subjectively and unemotionally assessing the project or business? If you are emotionally attached then you are at risk of continuing for longer than you should.
  • FOMO – are you afraid that by stopping that one project or business you might miss out of something but that is a big MIGHT? Fear of missing out, even on small things is often a reason people hang on and don’t let go of a lost cause.
  • Instinct – Listen to your instinct. If your gut is telling you things aren’t perfect but if I pivot or tweak the right things it will turn around. Now this might sound like a contradiction to the first point but it is not and don’t get instinct and emotions confused. Knowing and wishing are not the same.

Of course you also need to be assessing potential return on investment, likelihood of success and all of those metrics that help you calculate a good project or business decision but sometimes the above cloud those metrics or make you be a little more lenient when those metrics that don’t quite stack up.

So take a look at your personal and professional life and ask yourself, “Is it time to let go of that lost cause?”

Be bold and step outside your comfort zone this month!






Have an amazing month!

Louise and the Project Community Team


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