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Here we are half way through the year and if your year has been like ours it will have been full steam ahead and packed full to the brim.  It is common to find your ‘to-do’ list becoming overwhelming.  Read the message from Louise our Founder below for some productivity tips.Also, catch-up on what has been happening in Project Community.


Here are a couple of things you might have missed out on in May:

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Need a guide on how to Kick Off a Project?

The Team Kick Off Quick Reference Guide is what you need. Get it here

You can also download yourself the 27 Point Set-Up for Success Project Checklist.

This is not your standard tick in the box theory checklist. It is designed to get you thinking about all the things you should be considering to make your project successful on top of the fundamentals they teach you in text books.


Influencing Action Toolkits

Our Influencing Action Toolkits provide you with a step by step guide and all the tools you need to set your project up in a way that will enable you to influence action in your team and stakeholders.

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We would like to thank those who responded to our survey

Watch out next month where we will be sharing some of the results of the survey


Events and Training

The International Project Management World Congress is in September this year. Check it out


A Message From Our Founder

If you have reached the middle of the year and are finding you are either losing focus or feeling overwhelmed then now is a great time to refresh a few things.

Productivity comes from absolute focus, so here are a few tips on how to get your focus back and power through that to-do list.

  • Review and be clear on your goals and why you are heading for those goals. If you are clear on the end game, it will be easier to be sure you are on the right track.
  • Review that to-do list and ask yourself the following questions for every item on the list:
  1. Will this item really contribute to me achieving that goal? If not, take it off the list.
  2. If I don’t do this item on my list will I still achieve my outcomes? If yes, ask yourself if there really is value in doing it.
  3. Could I delegate this item to someone else? If yes, do it!
  • Prioritise your to-do list so you know where to start focusing your time
  • Allocate a time you think it will take to complete each item on the list. This will help you understand how much you can achieve each day and you may also decide for some items that the return is not worth the time investment.
  • When you are working on an item on your list, focus 100% on that item and nothing else. Turn off your phone, close your email and your internet and have no distractions.
  • Use a timer so allocate focused blocks of work time and challenge yourself to finish tasks within that time. If nothing else it will help you improve your estimation skills.
  • Have a routine so you can stay focused all the time. I plan my month, then my week and then every evening I plan my next day. All of these plans are driving towards longer term plans and goals.

Hopefully these tips will help you get your focus back and revitalise you for the second half of the year.

Now although we work hard, we also believe it is important to take time out for yourself and have some fun.

So if you feel like you haven’t stopped yet this year, STOP Now! Take some time out for yourself, even just a little.


Have a wonderful month!
Louise Ledbrook
Enjoy the rest of your month
To your success!
Louise and the Project Community Team


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