Leadership in the Brave New World

 By Cyndee Miller, senior editor, PM Network

The ancient city of Istanbul, Turkey, made a fitting backdrop to discuss the massive social, economic and political shifts roiling across the business landscape — and what it all means for project and program managers.
Free market capitalism no longer dominates, said Nader Mousavizadeh, CEO, Oxford Analytica, keynote speaker at PMI® Global Congress 2013 — EMEA.
Emerging markets such as Nigeria, China and Turkey are redefining power on their own terms. By combining capitalism with strong state support, they are experiencing economic growth and stability while many developed markets struggle.
Just as emerging economies are breaking from traditional business models, consumers too are redefining their expectations. “Consumers expect legitimacy and accountability from those in power … whether it’s government or a corporation,” said Mr. Mousavizadeh.
Consumers are also becoming more global, while demanding goods and services that feel authentic and local. Those countries and companies that bridge cultures and geographies are the ones that will succeed, Mr. Mousavizadeh said.
And they will succeed in great part by planning for the long term and setting an agenda that helps others.
 “Look at where leadership is making decisions that benefit the broader population,” he said. “China, for example, has 200,000 Chinese citizens studying in the United States. That’s a country focused on developing a high-end talent pool.”
PMI president and CEO Mark A. Langley shared a similar message on leadership and talent management. “Organizations are not looking for individuals to manage projects; they’re looking for project managers to lead projects,” said Mr. Langley during the opening remarks.
What’s clear is that organizations are embracing project management. The EMEA region is expected to create approximately 3 million new project management jobs between now and 2020. The question is whether project professionals are prepared to meet the demands of a new business landscape. “Organizations are not waiting for you to step up — they’re going to expect you to,” said Mr. Langley.
What are your experiences with leadership as defined during the keynote address at PMI® Global Congress 2013 — EMEA? If you aren’t at congress, how do you define leadership?

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