May Newsletter – Checking in on your systems

maydayThe last few months have flown by so quickly, before I knew it, it was the end of May already.


If you didn’t see it last time check out our first video in the Set-Up For Success Series.
This series is designed to be nice and short so you can watch it over a cup of coffee.


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You can now download yourself the 27 Point Set-Up for Success Project Checklist.
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Online Training: 5 Practices That Create A Culture Of ‘Action Taking’ In Your Project Team 

Are you looking for real world methods that are proven to work in practice that you can start applying as soon as you finish the session? Then watch the replay of our April Online Training.

A Message From Our Founder

In the last two months we have made a lot of changes in our company, in the way we do things and the tools we use.  Although this should be an ongoing journey, in the last few months and the next to come we are making substantial changes across the board to the way we operate.

It is important that you continually assess your current systems and processes and look for improvements and when required don’t be afraid to take the leap and make BIG changes.

A number of factors will impact your systems and sometimes they just become a bit stale or out of date.

Systems and process will make you more productive and effective.  I recently read an article about whether people are really focusing on the right things when all they can see is the carrot at the end of the stick, the goal they are running towards.  Goals are important because they set the direction in which you need to head, however the journey to get there should be process and system driven. Because that will mean the time spent on your way to your goal is used in a way that creates the biggest impact. By focusing each day on completing the steps in your system effectively, you will feel excited about completing each task that is getting you closer to your goal and your focus will be on making each activity you carry out the most effective and efficient it can be.

When did you last reflect on your systems and processes? My challenge to you this month is to hold a brainstorm with your team to come up with some improvements to your business systems.

Have a wonderful month!
Louise Ledbrook

Enjoy the rest of your month

To your success!
Louise and the Project Community Team


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