Not My Problem

man-515518_640One of my pet hates is the line, “That’s not my problem,” or people showing with their action or inaction that something is just not their problem.

My view is that we should always help each other. If you have a dependency on somebody else and they need to do something but they haven’t done it – or it’s clear they don’t know how to go about it – it’s actually your problem. You might think it’s not your problem, but it actually is.

Down the track, it’s going to affect you. Wouldn’t you prefer to spend five minutes helping somebody try to find a solution than just waiting until you get down the track and having to put your project in amber status, raise issues left, right, and center, or make your project in a red status? All because you didn’t help that person back then when you could see they needed help.

It might be simple as going, “Okay, we’ve got this issue. Let’s brainstorm on the whiteboard and work out some steps that we might take.” You don’t necessarily take away any of those actions. You just spend a few minutes to help that person work on how they can resolve their problem so it doesn’t become a bigger problem for you.

That line, “That’s not my problem,” really annoys me because I think we should all be trying to help each other. Five minutes of your time may seem like a lot at that point and time. Trust me, it saves hours of wasted time down the track.


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