November Newsletter – Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice – Anton Chekhov

This Anton Chekhov quote says it all. So grow your knowledge and check out what has been trending at the Project Community.


Here are a couple of things you might have missed out on in October:

From the Archives

Stakeholders…. The Basics



Team Kick-Off Quick Reference Guide

A team kick off should serve a few purposes. It is a perfect opportunity for everyone to gain a common understanding of what the project is all about, set expectations on how everyone should operate, share the role of each team member and most importantly provide an opportunity to bond and get to know each other on a more personal level. Get it here.

You can also download yourself the 27 Point Set-Up for Success Project Checklist.

This is not your standard tick in the box theory checklist. It is designed to get you thinking about all the things you should be considering to make your project successful on top of the fundamentals they teach you in text books.

Influencing Action Toolkits
Now is the time to make sure your team and your stakeholders are taking the actions required.

The Influencing Action Toolkits may just be the resource you have been looking for.

No more battling with people on your project who won’t take responsibility. It’s all about getting things done!

If you would like to know more about our Influencing Action toolkits you can find out all about them here

Events and Training

Project Sponsor Development

Recent studies between PMI and the Boston Consulting Group have shown that effective Executive Sponsorship support is one of the top reasons for project success.

The study also shows that 1 of the 3 primary factors that can limit or inhibit sponsors’ ability to be effective is lack of professional development.

Find out more about Project Sponsor Development here

A Message From Our Founder

My message this month is short.

As the year is fast heading towards its end I would like to ask you to start to reflect back on your year and what you have learned.

What knowledge have you accumulated? More important still, what did you do with that knowledge?

We often hear of new things, even study courses, go to seminars, learn profound and potentially life changing things but never apply them to our lives and workplaces.

What did you learn this year that you have applied? (pat yourself on the back for taking action) What difference has that made? Please share your lessons with us, we would love to hear what has worked for you.

What did you learn that you wanted to apply but haven’t yet? Now go away and start doing something with those learnings.

The year is not done yet, and the great thing about a year is, there is always another one!

Enjoy the rest of your November

Louise Ledbrook


To your success!

Louise and the Project Community Team


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