On Managing Your Project Team

By Ryan Donahue, Northwest University

In theory, it’s easy: communicate clearly and effectively, hold yourself and the team members accountable for deadlines and recognize success as frequently, if not more so, than failures. Easy as that may be to state, it’s very difficult to do. There are several ways to accomplish each goal.

  • Communicate clearly and effectively: This is accomplished in different ways and the nature of it can be dependent upon the type of project. Regardless of how it’s done, consistency is the key to success here. Having regularly scheduled team meetings as well as an open chain of communication in will lead to the team being well informed and feeling secure in the work they’re doing and the direction the project is taking. By communicating in both directions, it’s meant that the team has as much opportunity to communicate up the hierarchy to the project manager as the project manager has to communicate down to the team. Also important is the creation of a safe, productive environment. Allowing the team to voice opinions and giving them the chance to disagree is imperative to communication. It’s up to the project manager to monitor and guide this process by keeping things productive. Should a discussion begin to turn negative, or counter-productive, the project manager needs to step in and reign the team back in.
  • Holding the team accountable for deadlines: Often times, a project will be comprised of segments that are dependent on the successful completion of other segments. Should one segment of the project run over the forecasted timeline, it will throw the segments set to begin after its completion off of their timeline as well. Making sure that these segments are running on time and communicating the status of these segments to the other team members will be imperative to maintaining a healthy, cooperative environment. Also important to this is providing the training the team members need to complete their objective on time.
  • Recognizing success: When a project is forecasted and planned, success is measured in accomplishing the forecasted objectives or, in other words, in running how it was designed. Because of this, it can be easy to overlook successes. However, team morale will suffer if meeting deadlines and completing objectives on time are not recognized. Be sure to take the time to congratulate the team on meeting deadlines and achieving the tasks they’ve been assigned. It will communicate to the team that their efforts are appreciated and will invigorate them to continue their hard work.

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Article source: http://www.pmhut.com/on-managing-your-project-team


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