Online Training: 5 Practices That Create A Culture Of ‘Action Taking’ In Your Project Team

If you are a project professional looking for real world practices that will:

  • Create a sense of responsibility for the outcomes in all your team members
  • Build strong lasting relationships, resulting in loyal hard working team members
  • Reduce confusion and blame for tasks not completed
  • Create an environment of trust and openness
  • Leverage your time and experience so you can spend time where you can add the most value

Then you need to join us for this 45 minute online training session at the end of April.

Being a truly exceptional Project Manager takes a special kind of person. You have to be resilient, courageous, empathetic and outcomes focused. You need to do much more than just systematically apply the theory you get from text books.

Delivery of successful projects is all about people. It’s about how well you work with your sponsor, stakeholders and importantly your team, because they are the ones that are going to do the work to deliver your project.

If you are looking for techniques that are going to give you that edge then this session is for you.

You will not find us talking about theory but real world methods that are proven to work in practice that you can start applying as soon as you finish the session.

Louise Ledbrook the Founder of Project Community and the CEO of Pro SMART will share with you methods she has been using in her 18 plus years in business and projects to achieve successful outcomes on her projects.

Register Now to join one of the two sessions running this month.

Tuesday, 28 April or Wednesday, 29 April (depending on timezone)

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