Openness With Information

Transparency is vital to the success of a project. If you are uncertain of a certain issue or don’t  know how to complete a particular task, then you need to inform the people involved so that a  solution can be found in a timely fashion.

If you hide the problem, the likelihood of it backfiring is increased. Instead of working with your  team to overcome the problem you end up running around in a panic to solve the issue on your own. This may be something that you cannot do.

Remember that no one is perfect and there is nothing wrong with revealing to your team that  you need help. In fact, it’s the best solution because two minds are greater than one when it  comes to finding a solution for a problem. Ten minds are an even greater asset.

Hiding the problem only serves to ruin the relationship with your team and stakeholders and  you are unlikely to find a solution to the problem anyway.

You should never assume that your team is on track with any of the tasks unless they communicate this with you. Information must flow at every stage of the project.

Always ask them for status updates to keep the channels open or better still, use appropriate software to remove the hassle of to and fro communications by email. Better yet have a clearly defined and agreed process for communicating the progress from day one.

Structure your team meetings in such a way that the important information comes out and is discussed. Use progress against the schedule and rising issues as standing agenda items. Create a comfortable environment within the team. Use openness and instigate a no-blame culture. Be open with management and stakeholders about how the project is progressing. If  issues arise they will be comforted, knowing that you are capable to address these issues

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