Project Management

Project Management encompasses such a broad and complex set of skills and tools.

There are numerous project management methodologies and frameworks to choose from, some organizations create their own and some organizations even like to do things differently and adapt methodologies commonly used for one type of project for others.  For example Agile project management is commonly used for software development but some organizations in an effort to have a consistent approach across the business for all projects also adapt the project management steps and approach used in Agile to all projects.

Being flexible and adaptable is an important quality, but that does not just apply to the people on the project it also applies to many other components also. You can read more about adapting your methodology and processes on a project to factors such as the size and type of project here.

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A project managers roles and responsibilities are varied and depending on the size of the project, the maturity of the business and skill set of the manager themselves these can be quite different from one project to the next.

A project manager does need some key project management skills to survive a project.

  • Good communication is key, with their peers, team members, sponsors and stakeholders
  • You need to be versatile and flexible.  The project environment itself can constantly change, you need to be ready and prepared to change with the change
  • You need to be organised, if you are not organised and plan carefully, your project can turn into a runaway train.
  • Problem solving skills are a must, sometimes you can feel a little like a fire fighter putting out fires all over the place.  You need to have good analytical and problem solving skills to avoid problems in the first place but to be able to react quickly if they do arise.

Another essential ingredient is your project management tools.  Don’t forget they are built and designed to make you look good and to help you do your job better, so use them.

Just a couple of resources you might find of use on your project management journey:


The Project Community is full of great resources on this topic, have a look around and see what you can find.

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