Project Management Increases for Homebuilding

The market at large for project management in construction can be considered somewhat in a state of flux. As technology providers continue to jockey for position with regards to project management technology, the residential market in particular continues to see change in this segment. That being said, true leaders are emerging.

According to results of the 2013 Constructech IT Playbook the role of project management in construction remains vibrant. Overall, more than 50% of respondents still consider the technology to be of high value in their day-to-day operations. This represents a slight increase from the 47% which indicated the same in the previous survey.

If anything this continues to demonstrate the major role project management technology plays in construction, ultimately setting the stage for bigger and better things to come. Certainly in residential, the technology tools available continue to evolve as the need for project management continues to increase amongst the homebuilding community.

According to results of the 2013 IT Playbook, both Microsoft,, Redmond, Wash., and BuilderMT,, Lakewood, Colo., are showing growth in the area of project management when compared to results of the previous survey. This is indeed truly indicative of homebuilders investing more in the technology, but also speaks to the improvements that technology providers are making in their suite of solutions.

In the case of BuilderMT, the company has made big news lately around the area of hosted solutions for its customers. Earlier this month the company announced its working relationship with Trapp Online LLC,, Scottsdale, Ariz., as its Preferred Provider for Application Hosting Services.
Under the agreement, BuilderMT combines its integrated Workflow Management Suite for production homebuilders with Trapp Online’s custom application hosting platform. This helps to deliver the benefits of application hosting to BuilderMT’s enterprise customers.

Under the terms of the agreement, Trapp Online will provide hosting services at discounted rates and BuilderMT will jointly market Trapp Online’s hosting services to prospects and existing customers.

As described by Tom Gebes, president, BuilderMT, integration remains vital to the company’s success. In the case of Trapp Online he points to the fact the company provides a solid, reliable hosting platform for integrated construction applications.

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