ProTasker Project Management Software, Can it Compete?

project management software2 300x115 ProTasker Project Management Software, Can it Compete?ProTasker Project Management Software

Project management software is showing up in the news more often lately because of an increased need for businesses to find ways to simplify processes and cut costs. The software market for project management has predominantly been controlled by a handful of companies for the last decade (Basecamp and Microsoft) but a new software has emerged to assist new businesses keep startup costs lower when looking for project management software.

ProTasker was developed with the busy professional in mind, those that are either running the business or is in charge of managing projects within a business.  Some of the prime examples are print and graphic design shops, writing services, photography businesses and just anyone that needs to keep track of simultaneous projects and clients.

How to Compete vs Microsoft            

Bascamp and Microsoft have had the project management market locked down for sometime, so new software has come and gone having found it difficult to compete.  ProTasker has found the right balance of simplicity, features and low price that has put them in an excellent position to keep up with the top named competitors.

ProTasker vs the Competition

ProTasker is able to compete because its pricing structure is easy to follow, their service is priced low, which is great for smaller companies and the software has solid, useful features.  ProTasker’s pricing plan, which includes a two month free trial, makes for an excellent model for those that are trying to compete in locked down or saturated market places.  By offering a quality product, excellent support and competitive prices, ProTasker will easily be the company to try to beat in project management software.

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