Do you know your own role?

Businesses are constantly starting and ending new projects. Trying to find new and better ways to do things. Throwing money and resources at projects as they pop up all over the organization.

But, there are so many cases when a person is allocated to (or thrown into) a project and has never before worked on a project.  They slap a title on them like ‘Business Analyst’ or ‘Project Manager’ and expect them to know what they are doing.

Seen that happen before?  Maybe you have even been there.

Well, I’m charging you with the task of making the world a happier place by either helping yourself or others in your team with one simple task.  Educate yourself!

There are mounds of information out there on the internet, in book stores and libraries about projects.  It is up to you to understand what it all means.

Here are a few basic must knows for anyone on a project.

  • Understand the expectations of your role. E.g. if you’re a Business Analyst, find out what a typical BA is meant to do
  • What is Project Management, what does it mean to plan, organize, monitor and control?
  • What is the Project Lifecycle

Armed with some basic knowledge and understanding you will find you do a much better job and work better with those around you.



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